Safety Plan

Safety Plan

You have the right to be safe, along with your children, pets and family members. 

If you are planning to leave you MUST make sure you have several important factors in place. 

Below are a couple of considerations, however this is not an inclusive list. 

  • Keep an overnight bag packed in a safe place (NOT at home) with extra clothes, keys, documents and anything you may need in case you have to leave in a hurry.
  • Hide a spare key to your car in case your abuser takes them.
  • Gain some independence by opening your own bank account that the abuser knows nothing about. Or trust someone to hold cash for you.
  • Keep your car fueled and backed into a driveway / garage if you have one in case you  need to leave in a hurry. 
  • If you have a restraining order, keep it on you at all times. 
  • If you plan on leaving, please tell someone you trust about your plans. 
  • Have a safe word or code that you use when you're in trouble and only share this with those that you trust.
  • Have a prepaid phone available for use when you leave. 
  • If you have children teach them how to call 911.
  • If arguments are escalating in the home, go to a safe room, not the kitchen or dining room.
  • Memorize phone numbers.
  • Delete internet history and phone numbers that could upset your abuser.

Call 911 if you feel your life is in danger!

If you would like a personal safety plan please call/text or email us.