Empowered Transitions strives to empower women; breaking cycles of domestic violence and imprisonment by focusing on employment resources and skills, financial management, education, parenting and self-development. 

Lakesha's story


Welcome love bugs!  My name is Lakesha Carrington and I am the Founder/Owner of Empowered Transitions. I'm here to share my story in hopes to help someone else in their journey. I am a domestic violence survivor and I am speaking out because I would like to raise awareness regarding this important issue. Domestic Violence happens so often and many stories go untold so I'm here to share mines. 

Sixteen years ago I was in a relationship with someone whom I thought I would be with forever (we all know that feeling). There came a time when we broke up and the days to come were emotionally draining for me. One day we had an argument and he told me he needed to drop something off to me at my home. What happened next, changed my life forever.  When I opened my door for him, without warning, he spit and punched me in my face. The blow to my face knocked two of my front teeth out. Thankfully the dentist was able to save my teeth at that time. Fast forward...Fourteen years later I had to get my teeth replaced and this unfortunately opened up wounds that I thought I had put behind me. During this period I decided to give love another chance and met a man who I thought was my soul mate. He was there to support me (or so I thought) with everything that I was going through. He seen the damage that was done to me first hand and ended up being an abuser himself. By the Grace of God I was able to end that relationship when he got incarcerated and I filed for a restraining order. I haven’t looked back since. 

The good thing is that you too can get past this. There is help and happiness to come. Even though I have been a survivor in two different relationships, I have grown to love myself more than ever before. I love me and YOU can learn to love yourself again too. No one will ever silence me again and I will use this platform to my advantage with the hopes of helping someone else. I am speaking out for the woman that was thrown off the balcony, the woman that was strangled, and the woman that was shot to death. If I don’t speak out then who will? In the future, I aspire to provide a safe haven for women transitioning out of brokenness!

A flower that has  not been nourished or watered.
A flower that has been watered and nourished.